Research finds heavy Facebook users make impaired decisions like drug addicts



News. Now, I'm Dan O'Neill. A new study suggests that heavy Facebook users make impaired decisions much like drug addicts researchers at Michigan State University say they found a link between excessive social media, use and risky behavior. Often seen by drug addicts seventy one participants were pulled on their psychological dependence on Facebook. Then given the Iowa gambling task a tool used by psychologist to identify impaired decision. Making those who reported over indulging in Facebook us took bigger risks for quick gains, Mirroring studies done on people who abuse heroin, cocaine or methamphetamines. Researchers say we need to better understand this Dr. So we can determine if excessive social media use should be considered an addiction Kristin Goodwin. Fox News or district. Attorney says or Kansas highway patrol trooper was justified and fatally shooting a man whose vehicle was dragging the trooper and Topeka police officer through. The snow. The shawnee county district attorney's office says the trooper won't be charged in the death of thirty five year old remained Logan in November. Investigators say the trooper shot Logan when he refused to stop his vehicle as he was dragging the two officers skies. It'll be cloudy a one hundred percent chance of rain possibly mixing with snow overnight. Lows around thirty two new snow and sleet accumulations through Saturday, less than a half inch possible.

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