Xi Pledges to Putin That 'Change Is Coming After 100 Years'


An important meeting just took place between China Xi, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin, the meeting was in Russia. And it was a I think we might look back and see this as a fairly as an epochal event. Now Biden on his own at around the same time was meeting with Trudeau in Canada, but this was a frivolous meeting, in fact, he has Trudeau. He's like, I brought you. I brought you some chocolates that were made by some immigrants and so this is the kind of nonsense going back and forth between these two political midgets. And in the meantime, much more statesman like meeting in which we heard that quote change is coming that hasn't happened in a hundred years. Now, that's the kind of statement that gets your attention and makes you think. There's a massive kind of reshaping taking place in the world. And the United States, which has had the dominant position in the world, is losing it and losing it very rapidly. Think of how the world looks different in just ten or 20 years. If you looked at, for example, the per CAPiTA GDP between the United States and China, the United States was way ahead. Three times as much as China. And the Chinese are now catching up and in terms of purchasing power, they're fairly close to catching up. They'll probably catch up in the next ten or 15 years. And let's remember that China has a much larger population. So if the per CAPiTA spending power of each Chinese family is the same as each American family, but there are three times as many Chinese families, the Chinese will have a vastly bigger economy than the United States. And that means they can put a lot more into defense, a lot more into research and technology. There are just long-term implications. I mean, it's very hard to say that the 21st century belongs to America in the same way that the 20th century most clearly did.

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