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To grow as a person, to grow on your spiritual path and to truly change your life in any way that you are looking to change your life because I believe that we deserve to have the life that we are meant to live. Thank you so much for joining me today. Let's get into the podcast. If you struggle with self -love, which I know a lot of my listeners do, and we're always kind of like stepping into that better relationship with ourselves and just growing that, I have a challenge for you. A free challenge that is three days to tap into self -love where we're just focusing on building that self -love within ourselves because essentially like I think everybody listening to this loves themselves and you might even hear that and be like, oh my gosh, that makes me want to cringe. That makes me feel kind of gross because maybe right now you're not in that mindset, but I think that it's there. It's there for everybody. It's just that there's all of this kind of junk that's like on top of that. So we need to like peel back those layers and get to that love that exists for ourselves. And this is a great place to start with that. And so I'm offering this to you completely for free and it'll involve three different tapping meditations that are all focused on building that self -love and a lot of, you know, what this involves is not just saying I love myself a million times, but it's also like acknowledging maybe some of the things you don't love about yourself because that's so important to kind of acknowledge and, you know, be honest about and give space to in order to get to the place where you're like, I love myself and I feel good about the things that I do. I feel good about the person that I am. Sometimes it's going to be so hard to just get there if you can't acknowledge what you don't love about yourself. That is, you know, that's just going to be difficult because again, that like those things that you're kind of like stuck on that you don't love, those are kind of like clogging up everything. So we need to give those feelings, those emotions, those beliefs space and acknowledge them and move in to the more supportive beliefs, feelings, emotions that support that love and allow us to really tap into those feelings and just feel it so fully. So I want you to join this challenge for free three

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