Space station welcomes 2 Saudi visitors, including kingdom's 1st female astronaut


SpaceX's latest chartered flight to the International Space Station arrived Monday with two Saudis and two Americans aboard. Dragon SpaceX docking sequence completes crew dragon freedom, Peggy, John, Ali, ray, congrats on this historic achievement. The Saudi government is picking up the multi-million dollar tab for its astronauts. One, the kingdom's first female. Tennessee businessman John schaffner is paying his own way and retired NASA astronaut Peggy whitson, who now works for space company axiom was welcomed back. Thanks for putting your trust in the falcon 9 team. Hope you enjoyed the ride to space have a great trip on dragon. Welcome home to zero G Peggy. The four are expected to return to earth in 8 days they joined 7 others already at the International Space Station. I'm Julie Walker

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