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Plan. You choose what you want. Thanks to Verizon. All right. Play the day, stat of the day, poll question, all of that forthcoming and a few other items here. John Morant, the police department did a welfare check after he had a cryptic message on Instagram saying goodbye to his mom and dad, his daughter. Turns out he was saying goodbye to, I think, social media. And at least that's what we're told so far. The NBA has not disciplined him yet. And that's something I want to, I want to ask JJ Reddick about that. What does he think will happen with Jay Morant? But John Morant, it, you know, got my attention when TMZ was reporting it. It wasn't ESPN reporting. It was TMZ and it felt like there was more to it. And thankfully not. But I wonder what exactly, and it's a good thing to leave social media right now. If you're John Morant, I don't think you have to do it in the way he did it. You just leave social media. But with the cryptic message out there, I think we thought the worst poll question today, Seton, what are we going to go with? Well, we got one from Paul and we've got a slew from the toddler slew from time. We could start with Paul's though. I'd rather my team get swept in a series or lose game seven at the buzzer. Okay. This is something that Todd brought up yesterday where do you want to have that pain, the agony of losing game seven? And my point is, yes, I want to game seven. I don't want to go four games. If you said to LeBron, hey, you want to get swept, you want to go game seven and you lose in dramatic fashion, I think you'll go down. You'll go down firing. You want an opportunity there. Now we do bring this up because there was a sweep in hockey. The Florida Panthers swept the Carolina Hurricanes. Although I don't know if it was a sweep according to the Hurricanes head coach. Here's Rod Brindamore. The unfortunate part of this is he's going to look back and everyone's going to say you got swept. That's not what happened. I watched the game. I'm there. I'm cutting the game. We're in the game. We didn't lose four games. We got beat, but we were right there and it just could have went the other way and we could have been four games the other way. Okay. Paulie, would you check how many games were in this series? Yeah, it wasn't best to nine, Dan. It was best to seven. They lost a four to zero your Hurricanes. Now is that a sweep? I don't want to call out Rod Brindamore. I don't want part of that. Okay. I'm not, I'm not going to go there. Did the Nuggets sweep the Lakers? Felt that way. Okay. Yes, Dan. Technically, but you know, once he wins, once he loses, there's other things involved. You can't just go by the four games to nothing thing. I get what he's trying to say. You didn't get embarrassed, but you did get swept. I mean, no, no, you did. Let's wait till all the cards are counted. You, you got swept. Every game was competitive. They had Matthew Kachuk and you didn't pretty much. That's what it came down to. Yes, Paul. To be fair, we're not hockey experts. Maybe it's not called a sweep in hockey. Okay. Hey, all right. It's a sweep like that. It's all right. Play it again. Just so I can understand what, what coach Brindamore is talking about. The unfortunate part of this is he's going to look back and everyone's going to say you got swept. That's not what happened. I watched the game. I'm there. I'm cutting the game. We're in the game that we didn't get. We didn't lose four games. We got beat, but it's, you know, we were right there and I just could have went the other way and just, we could have been four games the other way. It could have. And if it had gone four games the other way, it would have been a sweep. He goes, we got beat, but we didn't lose four games. We did not. I mean, we did, but we didn't like lose them like that. Yes, Don. We cannot lose and still win in the national hockey league. They score more goals, but they didn't outscore us in there. Yeah. They won every game of the series, but that doesn't mean that we just happen to not win any of those first four games. It's really what it is. If we played longer than, you know, maybe we would probably would have got one. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. Golden Knights versus the stars. And there could be a sweep. Well, I don't know. Is there going to, would it be a sweep? If yes. No, they would just lose four games. Okay. Not a sweep though. Okay. Once again, not hockey experts, but I thought it was a sweep. Yes. More with the hockey callers. They're calling it. You guys don't know anything. You guys want to just talk hockey. We're talking hockey. You got Zamboni. Maybe they call it something else in hockey because they don't sweep the ice. They Zamboni these. Yes. I do appreciate the positive spin because sweep sounds like a harsh word. Like, you know, maybe you got blown out. You didn't even have a chance of winning one game. They were competitive, but technically I got swept, move on and accepted and wait till next season. Okay. One goal games. How many did you win? None. How many did they win? Four. That'd be a sweep. But they played better than what a sweep. They did. They did. They did. Yes. Yeah. It still counts as a sweep though. It does. Yes. Four zero. Yes. Yes, it does. Yes, Paul. Florida Panthers. Are Panthers indigenous to the South Florida area? And I'm just asking. That's one of those mascots. Is there a background there? Is there a hook there? Panthers. Well, I don't know. Carolina Panthers.

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