Real-life 'The Queen's Gambit': Custodian leads school chess teams in Maine


The real-life version of Netflix is The Queen's Gambit is being played out in Maine. The Netflix series is about a chess prodigy inspired by a janitor. That was just them copying me. David bishop is a custodian and coached of the reeds Brooke middle school and whether it be elementary school chess teams in hampden Maine, both teams won their state chess tournaments and did well in a national tournament. Eli Marquis says he sees the Netflix connection. The character's coach is a janitor. That's one similarity, but one difference is that he teaches many people and I thought that was cool because we're a team. Bishop notes that the Netflix chess coach is a janitor, he's a custodian. Custodians, they open a locker, a kid needs to open. They jump start a car if that's needed. For any one of the parents, we set up for dances. Bishop says they're just playing chess, but it's like a workout for the brain. I'm Ed Donahue

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