On this week's AP Religion Roundup, a new film explores faith and growing up, and CeCe Winans talks about her career in contemporary Christian music.


On this week's AP religion roundup, a new film explores faith and growing up and Celine and talks about her career in contemporary Christian music. Dear lord. I want to reflect your holiness. Laurel par met's directorial debut, the starling girl puts the viewer in the modest shoes of a 17 year old named Jim. The main character has grown up in a conservative Christian community. He lies a scanlon who plays Jim, says the movie tackles sensitive subjects. The film in a greater sense, I think, explores abusive relationships and I think it does a really good job at not falling into a stereotype. Ren Schmidt plays Jim strict mother. She says the film explores how everyone's lives are shaped by beliefs. All of these characters in a way are held back or confined by their belief system. I think that's definitely something that is something that we can all identify with. The starling girl is in wide release this weekend. Lord we are ready for more Cece wine and singing career spans more than 40 years, recording and performing both as a solo artist and as a duo with her brother Bebe. AP's Hillary Powell spoke to sisi during her first tour in a decade. So many songs have gotten people through, including goodness of God. But there's also like a contemporary nature to your music as well. How has that kind of helped maybe speak to different audiences? It wasn't a strategic plan to be played outside of the walls of church, but we loved contemporary music and not just contemporary we loved it all. But BB and I chose to go that route because as he would write and we would sit down and see how these songs would go, it just became our style. And I think that proves that God is for every part of our lives. Cece winance has sold 17 million records worldwide, and won many awards, but she says spending time with her grandchildren tops the list. I'm Walter ratliff.

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