'My Pronoun Is Legion' With John Zmirak


Continue with John Zach, John, you wrote an article called my pronoun is legion. Yeah, I want to continue explaining this. And I want people to go to Google it. My pronoun is legion and share it everywhere. It's one of the finest things John has ever written, which is saying a heck of a lot continue. Thank you. Okay, so I'm saying is transgenderism is the ultimate culmination of the philosophy of the Marquis de Sade. It's not coherent, it's not really very intelligent. It is the fruit of demonic possession. The Marquis de Sade was clearly possessed. He wasn't just like writing pornography that got him excited. He was writing about priests, desecrating the eucharist while raping nuns and murdering children. That's the kind of spirit that it lies at the heart of the sexual revolution. These are the arguments which were taken directly from desaad. Simone de beauvoir wrote an entire book praising the Marquis de Sade before she wrote the second sex before she campaigned to legalize abortion in France. So it is a direct genealogical connection. What I'm saying is Satan as pure spirit. And as God's enemy hates us, he wants to torture and destroy us as proxies for God because he can't harm God, except to his creatures. One thing he really hates is our physical nature, our bodily nature, embodied nature as men and as women. God created man, male and female he created them. There's no mention of 47 genders. There are two.

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