Asteroid coming exceedingly close to Earth, but will miss


NASA insists an asteroid passing close to the earth tonight will be a near miss. A newly discovered asteroid the size of a delivery truck known as 2023 BU will zoom 2200 miles that's 3600 kilometers above the southern tip of South America just before 7 30 p.m. eastern. That's closer than a typical communications satellite. Engineers with the jet propulsion laboratory who helped develop NASA's impact hazard assessment system quickly ruled out an earth strike, but say this is one of the closest approaches by a known near earth object ever recorded. Scientists say, even if the space rock did come a lot closer, most of it would burn up with bigger pieces possibly falling as meteorites, earth's gravity is expected to drastically alter the space rock's orbit as it zips by, changing its year around the sun from 359 to 425 days. I am Jennifer King

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