NYC neighborhood carries on during wait for Trump grand jury


As the world waits to see whether a grand jury in dates former president Donald Trump crowds gather outside the courthouse in Lower Manhattan and life goes on. More than any Trump supporters or protesters, there were reporters out here in front of the court, but a block away in front of another court. Law & Order SVU was being shot. Tourists are Lakota and daughter Lola from Canada were passing by. It does seem surreal. My mom was like, oh my gosh, it looks like we're in like an FBI zone. The same courthouse with a grand jury meets is also where people get married like Santiago cartero. It's been in the making for a while, so, you know, it just happened to be the same day. It's fine. We're here for something important. I'm not going to let that bother me. And then there's Reese Cohen who lives around the corner and is nervous about Trump's calls for protests. Just 'cause you don't know what his people will do. We've already heard so much. We seen January 6th. In Lower Manhattan, Julie Walker, New York.

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