Forthcoming Clarity


John chapter 13 verse 7. Jesus answered him. What I am doing, you do not understand now. But afterward, you will understand this first has meant so much to me over recent years amidst challenges and trials of various kinds to use language from first Peter. And I just want to encourage you with it today, especially if you were walking through challenge trial in your life. In any way, this picture of Jesus washing his disciples feet and Simon Peter sang. You're in a wash my feet and he's resisting what Jesus is wanting to do in his life. And she just looks at him and says, what I am doing, you don't understand now, but afterward, you will understand. And there was a moment. I was a year plus ago, and I was walking through something in an older brother in Christ, I passed her for decades who I respect deeply. I was sharing with him some of the struggles that I was walking through and he looked at me and he just quoted this verse and he said, David, you don't understand now what God is doing. But afterward, one day, you will understand. I was talking to another pastor friend later that exact same day who said something very similar. He'd been studying heaven and he said David I just don't think based on what the Bible teaches about who God is, what heaven is like, that we're going to get there one day and God's going to say to us, you know that trial, that difficulty, that challenge you walk through. Yeah, I don't know what that was about. No. And one day, we're going to understand that God was working in ways we couldn't see and didn't understand. But all throughout that challenge and trial, he was faithful, and he was wise. He was loving toward you.

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