How the Capitol Police Had Infiltrators Among the J6 Protesters


So the new development is that we now have federal prosecutors admitting in court. That Metropolitan Police department undercover officers acted as provocateurs. At the northern steps of the U.S. capitol on January 6th. Now you'll remember you may remember I had January 6th attorney Joseph McBride on. And he talked about this. He talked about the fact that there weren't just FBI instigators. FBI plans that the Proud Boys and the three percenters and the oath keepers. But there were also Metropolitan Police dressed up in sort of maga outfits or back the blue or just American patriotic gear. And they were in the crowd, and they were egging on the crowd. So we had this coming from a January 6th attorney, but what we didn't have is all the video showing it. And what we didn't have was the prosecutors admitting it. Yes, this was true. We did have our guys. They were doing this that video is in fact accurate. Now, there's one of the defendants, his name is William Pope, he's from Topeka, Kansas. And he has asked the judge a fellow in judge Contreras, Rudolph Contreras. U.S. district judge, I need to have the video that shows these undercover Metropolitan Police. Doing this stuff. And the prosecution is like, no, no, judge, you can give him the video, and the judge is like, well, why not? Isn't he entitled to the video? Yeah, but he wants to release the video publicly. So if you give the video over to the defendant, he's welcome to, in fact, in this case, this William pulp fellows representing himself, there's nothing to prohibit him from releasing the video. No one denies the video is authentic, it's video that was taken really by the government itself, but we have the assistant U.S. attorney. This is Kelly Moran. The defendant is not entitled to undesignated these videos to share them with unlimited third parties, his desire to try the case in the media rather than the court of law is illegitimate. No one says he's trying the case in the media. He's just releasing the videos because he thinks the public would like to know that you see undercover cops not only egging the crowd on rah rah rah, but pushing them and driving them in the direction of the capital. It's almost like they want them to go into the capital because they are trying to lead them into a trap.

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