In Trump probe, grand jury hears from potential last witness


A New York lawyer who could be a final witness in the hush money investigation against Donald Trump, says he brought documents to discredit the prosecution's star witness. Attorney Robert Costello and ally of Donald Trump, who counseled Trump fixer Michael Cohen after an FBI raid in 2018, says Cohen is not to be believed, when he testified about hush money payments, he said he made to women on behalf of Donald Trump. He's totally unreliable. Costello says he brought pages of documentation to be shown to the grand jury, but accused the Manhattan DA of cherry picking. Out of 321 emails, they cherry picked 6. Costello's appearance is an indication prosecutors are moving to wrap up the case. Donald Trump himself posted on social media. He thought he was going to be arrested this week and called on his supporters to protest. Portable barricades were delivered to the courthouse area to block off streets if needed. I'm Jackie Quinn

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