Kevin McCullough Reacts to the Indictment of President Trump


Kevin. I wanted to get you on if possible to talk about what happened last night, the indictment of president Donald Trump. What is your reaction to this? What do you have to tell us? Well, I think as a news story, this has been discussed at nauseum to the degree that it could be for the last three to four weeks without any knowledge of what was going to be in the indictment. And sadly, until the indictment is unsealed by judge, we still won't know what is in the indictment, so we don't know what the charges are. We don't know what Alvin Bragg is claiming. We don't know what the grand jury is claiming. We did learn one piece of new news from some source and it appears that the case doesn't involve only stormy Daniels, but also the other woman that was involved mcdougall in those payments. And at the end of the day, Trump's position hasn't moved, he said all along. He didn't make the payments, doesn't only thing about him. Didn't know anything about him. They were put in his ledger as legal expenses, which is what I would put if I had payments that I made to lawyers, so we're kind of still at square one where we were when they leaked the word that they were going to arrest him and there was going to be an indictment, but then nothing happened for weeks. We're really no further along. It's a sealed indictment and it won't be unsealed until a judge unseals

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