Bride Magazine Puts Hairy Man In Dress On Latest Cover


If you're appalled by some of these Victoria's secrets, images, you ain't seen nothing yet. Take a peek at this. Okay, so this is brides today magazine in India. This is their Instagram account and apparently this is their new digital cover, and they're celebrating transgenderism. And if you're listening to this on the podcast, I'm just going to describe it. It is a very, very hairy man. Lots of arm hair, lots of poly back hair. Lots of hair, just everywhere. I mean, lots of hair. Facial hair, the whole bit. And he's wearing lots of jewelry as well in a fancy Sari. And a lot of makeup. And this is how they're celebrating transgenderism. So once again, putting people on a pedestal. Now, I got nothing against, you know, you do, you do you and I'll do me, okay? You want to do that fine. But when you start shoving it down people's throat over and over and over again in society and celebrating in a way that I think leaves a lot of young kids really confused, then we're talking a whole different thing. You heard my interview the other day with Chloe Cole, the young girl who at 12 years old was like, I don't really like this old girl thing because she's going through all the things that girls go through at 12, 13, 14, 15 by 15. They had operated on her and done a double mastectomy, and she realized, you know what, that wasn't going to solve any of her problems. That she actually did want to be a woman. And now she can't even get them to pay for reconstructive surgery. They're of no help. She wants to transition fine. The medical community do anything to help her detransition whole other story. So I think that this sort of push, which is designed to make us all more accepting, it may come from some good intention somewhere I actually don't think it does. I think it's extremely political. But let's just assume that they're trying to do this so that we're all a little bit more open minded. Okay, fine, but you're taking it to a whole other level.

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