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Wind cider that's playback TV, backslash wind cider, and hey, you never know when we're gonna do a WNBA merch giveaway. Welcome back to the wind sider show. Excited for this first WNBA training camp edition for the 2023 season. But first of all, make sure I know I say this before every episode, but make sure you're subscribed to Patreon. We've just refreshed the coverage there. And if you are subscribed, you know this because you have been flooded with content recently. So make sure to subscribe. There's some really cool stuff going on there. And it's definitely worth just a cup of coffee a month. Rachel, camp is upon us, life gets crazy. It feels like not too long ago, March Madness just finished. Not too long before that, the WNBA season just finished. What's kind of peaking your interest? What's on top of mind for, as I like to call you Hoff. Oh my gosh. I said at the last show, I just feel, you know, it's just like, I feel like we're kind of in a holding pattern. Obviously. It's like the calm before the storm, if you will, like, just waiting to kind of see the product on the floor. I think, you know, you get little snippets here and there of how teams are looking and you see certain snippets about how coaches are reacting to certain rookies that are how they're performing and you're hearing a lot of things and certain press conferences, meaty days, whatever that might be. I think for me, really intrigued with the Connecticut sun, you know, I think that we've become so accustomed to that team for so many years, still have some key pieces, but they shifted so much during free agency, you know, Alexis Morris and their draft wasn't huge by any stretch, but I'm curious to see just how this team ends up shaking out. Combined with the new system of stuff white, you know, and just kind of what that's going to look like. I mean, I've said it before. I'll keep saying it. There feels like there's 5 or 6 really massive question marks. In this league right now. And again, that's half the obviously half the league. So you have just question marks of what is this complete unknowns, you know? Ends of an era. If you will. So I would say really intrigued with Connecticut can, how does Alexis Morris fit in to that roster, you know, you had the additions of ty Harris back at Allen, things like that. Brie Jones, obviously, is the focal point returner, Melissa Thomas, you know, so you do have pieces of it, but there's so many elements of newness. And on the other side, I mean, I'm going to keep talking about the Indiana fever because I'm just so it's been such a good talking point for so many years and the last 5 years, I feel like everything we've seen and the reemergence of that organization can this year can this new head coach, you know, take this thing, take that next step. Are they prepared to take that next step? I mean, you've got a team there that could potentially sign three draft picks to the roster depending on how it shakes out. You know, does grace burger end up? You know, being that player that ends up, you know, really making this

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