Texas shooter's 'RWDS' patch linked to far-right extremists


Authorities have not said what they believe might have motivated a man to shoot and kill 8 people at a Dallas area mall over the weekend, but one police official suggests that the shooter may have embraced the views of far right extremists. An official who wants to remain anonymous tells The Associated Press that social media accounts believed to have been used by 33 year old Mauricio Garcia appeared to have expressed an interest in white supremacist and neo Nazi views, Garcia was wearing a patch that read R wds short for right wing death squad. It's a phrase that has been embraced in recent years by far right extremists who glorify violence against their political enemies, one group that has adopted the term is the Proud Boys, smaller groups that participated in the white nationalist unite the right rally in Charlottesville Virginia in August 2017 were named right-wing death squad, Garcia, who opened fire at the mall on Saturday, was killed by a police officer. I'm Donna water

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