Mexico investigates 8 over deadly fire at migrant facility


Mexican authorities have said that several employees at a migrant center are being investigated for misconduct when a fire broke out where they worked, killing dozens of people. Mexican secretary of security rosacea Velazquez confirmed that 8 suspects were identified, including federal officers and private subcontracted security guards, the fire broke out when migrants being detained at the center, little mattress on fire when they feared they were being moved. The investigation has centered on the fact that guards appear to make no effort to open cell doors for the detained men before smoke filled the room in a matter of seconds by the gates at the international bridges to El Paso, hundreds of mostly Venezuelan migrants gathered, acting on false rumors that the United States would allow them to enter the country. Venezuelan migrants miquel Mota told the AP he wants to leave Mexico after the fire. Now we're a little afraid that they're going to do the same to us here. This is why we want to achieve the American Dream. I'm Karen Chammas

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