Nigel Gardiner Weighs in on Biden's Removal of Churchill Bust


Joining me right now for more on Biden's overseas trip and importantly on this old coronation event and how this thing is going down because the scuttle is Meghan Markle's not going to go. I'm sure the royals are gravely disappointed over that one. Anyway, joining me right now, Niall Gardner. So Obama took down the Churchill bust. I remember that. That was like a big international incident. And then that's something that Trump put back, and then this is getting kind of repetitive. It's like revolving door, with Churchill there. And then Biden comes into office he takes it down again. What kind of effect does that have on the British people and the British government? Well, I think it sends a very insulting message to the British people after all Churchill is a greatly loved figure in the UK is also very much loved in the United States as well. So it sounds completely the wrong signal, a very negative message. And that was day one of the Biden presidency. So an incredibly bad move by Biden sneering arrogant and hugely dismissive, of course, towards America's closest friend and ally. Understandable. So we're now in a situation where Joe Biden has made it clear. He doesn't really value the UK, his historic ally, over say France, or Germany, it kind of reminds me of what's going on with Saudi Arabia. Is that a fair comparison in any way? I think that Biden's treatment of Israel has been also very dismissive actually. And Israel and the UK are incredibly important allies for the United States and Biden has treated both with real contempt just as Obama did before him. And I would say that Biden is alienating America's closest friends and allies on the international stage. It's an extremely destructive path forward.

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