A highlight from Part 1: Nick Tammaro, Dick Powell


We've got to throw in the two year old fillies the story but the intercontinental and the wonder again and kind of under a bit of a weather watch given a seemingly delayed arrival of the storm that was supposed to come through thursday. Get it out of the way that cetera. Well it it. It seems like it's about twelve eight to twelve hours the hind schedule and as a result. We've got you know we're kind of surrounded by Some not not a heavy storms. But you know we just had a little passing shower. The biggest stuff that was supposed to come through actually dove south and ended up out on long island and other fairly significant thunderstorm Heavy weather ended up jogging north. So right. now it's dodging us and that would be ideal but there's gonna be some rain into tomorrow. A lot of it might arrive after the races today. and that would that would help And of course it doesn't necessarily Assist that we have a three o'clock post today that starts the action would have been actually better Had things started one and gotten outta here. the post times for the intercontinental five forty three six forty five for the wonder again and the phillies. That'll they'll they'll run. Whether it's sloppier laura not Six fifteen and of course this integrates with a a very good card at churchill as well but tomorrow same thing you've got some of the churchill action When it comes to the fox show so we're keeping an eye on that and i. I don't think there's any major risk of of races At least the stakes off the turf at all There is three other races. The second fourth and ninth that are scheduled for the grass. So keep an eye on this and i. You know we're going to get something Doesn't seem like we're

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