A highlight from Episode 74 - Mount Rushmore Mania, Phil Wins the PGA and Handels


Four of this by special podcast. Got me in the studio this week. We're fresh off our camping trip. I don't know if you refresh but nothing like camping with a young child in ten. That's what really is relaxing solution and a dog. I don't recommend that. No i feel really bad for the dog and the kids. Basically everyone had to be around me. Okay that's fair well. We had a good time camping. We're going to try to record an episode like right before we left and then it just didn't have too much. Prep like our whole house camping for the two days that we were there. I like the u-haul in the back of his thing now is just close with his bag. In yeah. I think that's right too many being you're okay. I figured that's what it was. We're going to fund one lined up. When was just mean troy. We kind of just talk about what everyone. So we're gonna have some fun with mount rushmore switches. One of our favorite things to do. We're talking about some ice cream as well. Were jump into some sports sports in a while. So man philly phil can we talk about him again. Got mba playoffs. We got baseball practice. It's not a game. Well let's take a quick break and we will get started with remember that thing. Hey remember that thing. The moon landing jazz trapper keepers manners. South sunny d. yeah. I remember those things all right this week. Four remember that thing. We are doing mount. Rushmore mania we're doing not one not two not three not four not five on no. It's actually three three. We're going to be doing three mount rushmore tonight. Just showing off. You can count high. Yeah i got up almost six time. I paused 'cause. I wasn't sure all right. We're going to start off so we have. We've created our lists we We're gonna join. Create the mount rushmore to chisels one cup. We're not going to share our own. We're going to try to convince the other and we're going to create a final mount rushmore which is top four of three. Very different categories hodgepodge. Love a good hodgepodge does and i. We're gonna start off easy. I think this is probably the easiest. Three agree on most of them a topic that we talked about in our first episode. That you can no longer listen. He can't listen to so this brand new for everybody unless you were here from day one. And if you're god bless you thanks mom all right so we're gonna be talking are mount rushmore of nick tunes. Trae let's start with yours. I will read mine and then we will argue out whatever inconsistencies that we might have all right. You got spongebob. I think that one's gotta be chiseled in right away. I think that's a lot number one show on nickelodeon. I think thirteen seasons twenty years or something like that. The most profitable tv show in the history of the world too so spongebob. We're going ahead and chisel that bad boy. In and then i have arnold from. Hey arnold that's shared with me all out everything he's got to be up. There has one of the glue shows. I'd say for the nickelodeon long-running show that made a movie out of it sandwiched in between some of the other grades. And then i've got doug i another just classic show one of the hire run shows. I think on c. With nick toons. I mean it's gotta be a cartoon. Some of the other shows on nickelodeon have been better. I would say like all that. I carly in nyc not for me but for like people that watch nickelodeon a lot. So that's my third one. And then i have tommy pickles from rugrats. I think he's pretty iconic to the nickelodeon. Nick toon mount rushmore. Tell you have to say is so weird in the okay also had rugrats. All of them. Yeah we're picking shows were picking characters. When did that happen. Always know you read the notes. Make any more i just nick. Tim's the note that i made. But i'm saying how would you pick arnold if you're doing. Hey arnold who else would you from that. Show this more morikawa than arnold helga. You think she's more using more. People would want a helga Tacky mount rushmore. chisels ation. that would be my representation. I thought we were picking shows. So i just i was thinking that when you wrote it but didn't know how you're going to depict the show. I just feared rushmore. Usually people's heads so that's why i chose one person from this show. A football head makes the most sense for them. So i think it'd be the hardest to chisel he's laying down everybody's arm so the show is what i was talking about. But if we're gonna take an actual sculpture that's going up. Yes tommy pickles would be the one. Thank you talking. Football head would be the ones up there. Patrick star would be the one up there for. Spongebob go plankton. Cheaper smaller rock gravel. Then doug was the my borderline. That was my cut. Yeah there's two amine rocco's modern life but that's when we grew up with i wouldn't say it's one of the most popular and then you got like jimmy neutron fairly odd parents. It's the second longest running of all the nick tunes. That really liked that show. Let's say you have people come from other countries though right and they're going to south dakota and they're going to be with us. Yeah what is the other north dakota and south dakota thank you In their three sculptures of saying. You're looking up your nick toon fan. You're gonna want i leave. No the hurt guy's name. You're not going to recognize you. The me turner. Okay now you say rings a bell. I'm saying that's not gonna drop people from nicaragua to come and see our nick toon sculpture. You think people from nicaraguan go to see the one that we have. Now no because nick toons with arnold doug. I think actually skater would probably be that. That's his. I was getting confused with cousins skier skier. Valentine i'll put him on there too. I had had see okay. You convince me. we'll go. doug. Spongebob doug rugrats. Arnold tally pickles. Okay deal book it. who's head ones that spongebob. It has to be no usually the more important ones are in the middle not george washington's one. Yeah he's not the most important see through middle fair enough. We got nailed these math. I think you've got to put them on the outside. It's gotta be staggered some mail. He's gonna be blocking somebody square with spongebob a football head. A baby he's gonna build it. I guess they're all going to be big. Old heads are going to be met. Rushmore plankton is really big blinked. Next round or more all right loan nailed it. That's our warm one just to see how it would work with us debating whether or not the other could convince somebody looks like it happened really did it. Did was good nicaragua all right next. One i think is going to be a little more contentious. Maybe maybe not. I think we agree on most k. We're talking best. Male athlete had to have played past the year. Nineteen ninety nineteen ninety

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