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Are you working on your author career but struggling to get that first book published does. The goal of being an author seemed to lofty or thoughts of having multiple books and making a full time. Living as fantastical living in cinderella's castle. Welcome to discovered wordsmiths. A podcast where aspiring authors can be heard. Join stephen schneider is he finds and talks to authors. You may not know but authors that have gotten their foot on the author career. Path here what they've done to get there and where they want to go now settled down. It's time for a bid of inspiration and advice. Come listen to today's discovered. Wordsmith all right how you doing. Welcome to episode fifty of discovered wordsmiths. I'm super excited about this episode. Because i had this really great idea. When i first started the podcast i wanted to give new authors a chance to be heard to get their books out into the world Too often we hear about the successful authors the authors that have a lot of books the authors that are making money and at some point that becomes a little discouraging rather than encouraging new authors. Can't see the path to get there. They can't see that they'll ever be as good as this as big as this be able to write as much. It's discouraging so. I wanted to offer this podcast as an alternative to the interviews with all the big name authors. Nothing against them. And i hope every author. I talked to gets there at some point. But i like to focus on the new authors the new books and hopefully if you've been listening to this you've found some authors you like you've found a few books you wanna read. That's great. I have evolved the podcast to a section with the books where we talked to the readers about the books and a section where we talked to the authors about their writing and it appeals to to slightly different groups. I know a lot of writers also read a lot. And i know readers may want to write but that way you can listen to the section you like the best a or b. Well i had this wonderful idea that for episode fifty. I do something special. I would interview some successful authors and success meaning. Somebody that is doing this full time. Somebody that Is a writer. I doesn't have another job. Has multiple books makes a at least good leaving Off of writing their books. So i wanted to interview a dozen or so authors and put ten minute little segments into one big episode with all these successful authors so a lot of these doctors. You still may not have heard of so.

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