A highlight from We Made It Weird #40


You saw with the valerie i asked you. If you're ready. He said yes and it was. Because you had a bell. Chun dak. I was saving it say that i'm sorry i know some people really are like grab by burbs but that was kind of cute one chris. How by burbs. What a nightmare. If you hate this podcast because we almost exclusively talk about farts wayward do farts. Are downstairs burps and gross. Yeah dress listen. It's we made it weird forty. Oh my god it's almost as old as you. Okay if numbers numbers. It's almost as many numbers as my age. Yes i'm forty two and you're thirty two over can't help but notice when it was you we thirty two nobody Did that that's true. That's true i'm not gonna do it to myself. We love this episode. Were so happy to share the time when leila is with iris. Which you guys some. Thank you for joining us. I think this is a special one and a great one. And if you want to support support support displeased gal meaning these ads up top are things we actually use and we actually love and if you love the show and you need one of these things or you're curious about one of these things directly supports us so we really appreciate it. We actually have a new one which is made in the makers of the finest pots pans. Wine glasses knives. That i've ever used for sure in tons of michelin star restaurants. We just got there. Nonstick frying pan. Which val i mean. I did that on wednesday. But i think it's the best pan own. It's got a great weight to it. It's not coated with chemicals and nastiness that gets into your food. It's naturally nonstick in a beautiful way. And since we've gotten it look we've had nonstick before but this is a supreme now out there and we actually i'm flipping omelettes like the swedish chef. But they're landon random. No more fought failed flip scrambles. I'm making omelets now. And you make an online every morning. This is leila loves it and i actually notice today through some mushrooms in the omlund and some greens. That's that's your move. But i haven't done it and what i noticed about. The maiden hand is the heat spreads in it really quickly. Meaning you turn the heat on. And before like i didn't time it but way faster than a normal pan it says lying because the heat disperses really really fast it flips and cleans super super easy. So you gotta ask yourself out. Does your favorite restaurant. Yeah that was good. Yeah do you have to ask yourself. How does your favorite restaurant consistently make such delicious food. The short answer. They have access to the right kitchen tools so many of us we go to farmers markets. We try to get good food.

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