A highlight from [Unedited] Robert Macfarlane with Krista Tippett


Veterans new study. What does spirituality mean to us reveals. How spirituality informs our understanding of ourselves and each other and inspires us to take action for the common good explore. These findings and more at spirituality study got org. I'm krista tippett up next my unedited conversation with explorer and linguists of landscape robert mcfarland. There is a shorter produce version of this wherever you found this podcast you just on another another interview was with mike lynn right up. Cbs cbc button. Who i i. I'd i'd met before actually hearing cambridge but we had a great great conversations with my voice is is is well warmed up. Okay good good. I'm glad you feel that way and talked out. I'm buzzed Chris how are we do we do. We need more. Do we need levels or anything. Maybe not okay.

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