A highlight from Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter


Hey breaking beauty. fam- jill here dropping into your feet in partnership with the ted audio collective so curling and i have mentioned on our show before that a bit of an unexpected events owed has made its way into our top five of all time and that was episode one four called vagina care. Do's and don'ts featuring dr john gunter she's an obgyn and often referred to as twitter's resident gynecologist. I think what really resonated with people about that episode and it did with us is. Dr jen's no bs approach to personal health and she really refutes a lot of the dubious claims that are out there so we talked about everything from vagina care one one and she even enlightened us about the word vagina itself in its meaning and she says it's always evolving and changing so we learned to live in our excited to share even more of dr jen's insights in a new podcast. We think you'll enjoy. It's called body stuff with dr jen contour. And it's from the ted audio collective in each episode. She bust the missed. That were told an sold about our personal health. So let's get into it and if you like what you hear find in follow body stuff with dr jen gunter. Wherever you're listening to this in joy. I'm dr jen

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