Exploring African Traditional Religions


Thank you so much for joining us today. That just do it thank you. It's my pleasure. Yeah i would love for you to get us started just by telling us a little bit about your journey. How did you come to study this area theology and how has it connected us to communities in your travels. Thank you for the question. I would say that my journey in some ways. It has many beginnings but the most important beginning was my experience in college. I was actually an english major. And then i was double majoring with african american studies but it was so early at that time for african american studies at my institution that it was listed under social science. So i wasn't a religion major at all but what happens predominantly white campuses students will get drawn to wherever the black professors are and so dr young was in the religion department. He was amazing he worked with joint dance troupe and i had to take a class with him and then i just took probably four or five classes with him. By the time. I finished. And i couldn't stop. And so he taught so many facets of black religious experience afrikaner if i can use that as an umbrella for africa in the diaspora offer religious experience. We learn not just about mainline christianity about the nation of islam. The more signs temple conjuring hulu blackie break. Traditions also african indigenous religions. Or what i call african heritage religions. Black liberation theology woman is theology african theology including african seminarists theology and then everything began to click for me in his class in terms of understanding my own background and spiritual

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