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You walk made it weird with what's happening where does this is a momentous and monumental occasion. This is the first podcast in thirteen months. That is not with val. The friday episodes we record together. Obviously but this is the first guest that i've had back in the in the studio in person. I r l. This is norma mckanie. She actually flew in to see some friends and added this on. And i'm so glad she did and we did it right there on the couch next to the sauna like the old days. And i think you'll hear it's electric. It was so fun to get that feeling of being in the same space. The same room as someone. I've never met but i find very interesting. And man we as i say in the episode. We talk over each other so much. Because that's like the thing you can't do on zoom. You have to like wait for the other person to be done. And we're just we're we're gabbing. Gals were at it. And i'm so excited for you guys to hear. Thank you for tuning in as always for those. That don't know nor mckinney is Co-founder the reluctant co founder of the hot young widows club she's the best selling author of the memoirs. It's okay to laugh. Crying is cool too and no happy endings and is the host of the award winning. Podcast terrible thanks for asking. I sort of jokingly called her the grief lady meaning. She talks a lot. she gave an incredible ted. Talk about grief and incorporating grief into our lives but this chat is actually pretty light. I asked her if she wanted to talk about Deep grief stuff and we didn't really we ended up sweet touch on it but this is a light and fun and you made it weird. And i'm so glad you guys are here if you like the show and you want support it. The best way to do that is to try. One of the pizza picks. I'm so excited to have made in as one of our new pete's picks i just got my made in nonstick frying pam. Every morning. i cook eggs for leila every morning up until recently. I had been making what i call failed flip scrambles. I'm trying to flip my omelette and it doesn't happen I'm so glad maiden has come into the picture. I got there. Nonstick frying pan. not only. is it nonstick in a way that i am deeply comfortable with meaning. It's not harsh chemicals and nasty stuff. I don't want getting into my food. It's beautifully made. It's got a beautiful wait to it. It's incredibly easy to clean and best of all the food tastes amazing and the armlet flipped baby. The omelette flipped it degenerates size. It makes perfect kind of like a thin pancake. Omelette for leila and i flipped at with very little oil which meant it was even healthier and it tasted as Get into a so if you're serious about cooking and so many of us are were heading to farmers markets. We're going to nice grocery stores to get the best ingredients so many of us the the most important part

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