A highlight from Dr. Marissa King on Forming Intentional Relationships


This week's conversation is with dr king. She's a professor of organizational behavior at the yale school of management where she developed and teaches popular course entitled managing strategic networks. Now over the past fifteen years mercer has studied how people's social networks evolve. What they look like and why that's important. Her research has been featured in outlets such as the new york times wall street journal. The post usa today us news and world report. I mean she's been in a lot of places that have a high bar to get to. She really understands what she's talking about. So she's the author of a new book titled social chemistry and wanted to speak with mersa to learn more about her framework four strategic networks. How the nature of our relationships differ in our personal lives from the work setting. What can we do to improve them. And how has the pandemic impacted the nature of how these relationships will evolve in the future. And whether you're nearing a return to the office or continue to work from home. I know one thing that won't be changing for me at least anytime soon. That's my affinity for wearing viewer clothing literally. I'm wearing them right now as i'm speaking with you. Ve gyory makes incredibly soft comfortable versatile clothing and they can be used for just about any activity like running training jogging. I use them for all that. But it's also great for just hanging around the house and lounging on weekends. So everything's designed to work out and but it doesn't look or feel like that so whether you're looking for men's or women's gear. They've got you covered right now wearing the pontoh short. It's my favorite. It's got this light easy texture. That is incredibly comfortable. But it's got a nice form to it so it doesn't look like it's sloppy. Jim short in any way and my whole family loves my wife loves a my son loves them and so they've just got a nice way about

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