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Big government contract awarded by the Department of Homeland Security is now under investigation. Department of Homeland Security Inspector General's Office is evaluating a nearly $87 million contract with endeavors, a Texas nonprofit housing migrants who crossed the southern border the same day, Joe Biden took the oath of office. Endeavors put out a news release announcing the hiring of Andrew Lorenzen Strait. Ah, former ice official who served as a bite in transition official. Not even two months after Lorenzen Strait arrival, federal records show endeavors entered into two no bid contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services for up to $579 million. And homeland security for $86.9 million locks. The David spun reports. Republicans say the potential value of the No bid contract is more than 12 times greater the group's most recent annual budget. Police in Dallas have arrested a man for panicking shoppers at a mall by banging his skateboard on the floor. The noise mistaken for gunshots sent people rushing to the exits in Alaska. They've been shaking over the holiday weekend. There's been a string of mostly small earthquakes around south central Alaska, the biggest a magnitude 6.1 quake on Sunday night local time. That one was centered around 100 miles northeast of Anchorage, and felt for hundreds of miles as far south as homer in north to Fairbanks, but strongest around the Anchorage And was still areas residents reporting a long rumbling with a sharp jolt in the middle strong enough to send things off shelves but no reports of any major damage or injuries. The Alaskan earthquake center recording at number of aftershocks Monday for south central Alaska. This was the strongest quake since a 7.1 in November of 2018 Lisa Brady Fox News says the holiday traffic isn't bad enough on the one on one in California police say a small plane made an emergency landing on the highway Monday. Inventory county Jack. How on him? This is Fox News. Compliment your health with him Derived cannabinoid oil. We've always believed that the closer to Earth, the better It is for our bodies. Our hemp derived cannabinoid oil is vital cannabinoid rich, full spectrum and organically grown. Finally, Hamp made easy, clean and effective. G c and hemp dot com or call 8778784203.

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