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Booties in the snow. That's one eight is wear them anymore. That's is nate. I just have a quick question. Are you impressed that i pronounce spooned his league correctly. I know you like soccer. I was. I went to syria like that. Was i learned something today. That one stroke. That went out for me so i. I'm not gonna take credit for getting syria right. But i myself own footy ties longtime recurring guests. Not really time. You've been on my show. I think three times twice. Maybe two times three times now big for me. It's okay you got your own pod You're a regular on the athletic football show. Which is great. Podcast also accosted by friend. France by the way brought mace lindsay jones. Everyone else at the athletic medical cool cats and kittens. Wow that was a long time ago. Tiger king speaking of each well. We'll anyways your ear today because you are one of my favorite people to talk about a lot of football concepts as well as just Bad tv show theories. But my favorite thing to ask you about because it is a thing you are. The biggest expert in in my opinion is quarterback play and play. Yeah i mean that. I'll tell you i thought you were going to have corrigan's or bad movies ause. I was ready for that. So i was like. Oh it doesn't actual complimented like no grain of salt yet game left We have a lot of booking left today because we are doing thing. That is gonna take me longer. I already no longer than i thought. So buckle up folks if you're driving listening to hope you're already buckled up so that's redundant but we're going to talk about the quarterbacks we are going to take an approach that's new this year. Not ranking them not grading them. Not comparing them to poke them on no folks. We're going to actually talk about what they can do to improve this season. And i like this approach. Because i feel like when we rank them. We spent a lotta time time with the fun quarterbacks and at the end and drew lock and dino and here's a name that much but you know what i mean so this is a different approach and i think this is exciting because this is the time of year when football fans can be a bit more optimistic about their team's prospects and think about. How can i get the best out of this quarterback and you know even the really great ones you can find things so they can be better at. It was hard for some of these quarterbacks because some of them like you re texting show reinterpret ben rothlisberger. But i can't say be less old and muscular late late. Your arm which is not a thing but there are things. I think that he can actually do so. I figured the best way division by division and the best way to start with with the best quarterback of course and that is patrick mahomes. I was going to a joke. But i felt like i've been using joke format too much to the point where dominic foxworth anticipated where i like set up a thing that seems obvious and then i say and that is teddy bridgewater. But it's it's predictable so if pat mahomes so what's in awhile awhile too many times i it's it's okay. It's okay. I'm just letting start with mahomes because that's how i was like. I went division by i division by division. It's usually i often find with these lists. We tend to start with the the east and then work our way west because east coast bias.

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