A highlight from Celtics Fan Cole Buckley Live StreamedHimself After Throwing Water Bottle At Kyrie Irving; Dr. Fauci Has A Book In The Works;Naomi Osaka Withdraws from the French Open for Anxiety Reasons; Biden Blames Everything on White Supremacists


Ram kellyanne podcasts. Will cole. buckley will be arraigned in court today. He's the twenty one year old drunken college kid who threw a water bottle and missed kyrie irving and if you think you know you might feel bad for him. When he gets over sentenced today think again. We will play the video. He livestreamed is hone arrest. And i don't think anyone's gonna feel bad for all coal young cole. After they see this we will discuss that. Also dr fauci wrote a book and participated on documentary. In case you haven't had enough of flip flop fauci. Joe biden lost his way again yesterday. In front of the camera said everything. That's wrong in the world is the fault of white supremacists and we have to ask. Who are these white supremacists. Where do they meet. We need to know more. Joe fill in the blanks blamed it all on white supremacists and he also had another moment with a little girl yesterday. We'll play evatt. naomi osaka is. She's the highest paid female athlete in the world. She made fifty five million. She's a tennis player and she's willing to walk away from the sport. Just walk away rather than talk to the media a very strange story.

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