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Kimberly adams starts us off the. Us chamber of commerce came up with what it calls a worker availability ratio. How many workers are available for every open position right now. That's one point four workers per job. Normally it's more like two point eight. Some of that is due to skills gaps and immigration policy but says the chambers neil bradley lou pandemic And some of the pandemic responses have created new bearers for people to return to the workforce like remote learning or childcare centers closing a lack of before and after school care and says bradley. Those companies are struggling to hire as well the industries that need workers are also the industries that we need to recover to be able to help other people get back to war. Many economists point to the quality of jobs and pay as additional reasons. Why workers may not be reading to go back for the salaries offered lily. Roberts is with the center for american progress. There are enough workers for the jobs. I think the thing that we have a shortage of is jobs. That are good enough to take right now. Many industries are raising wages and offering bonuses. But we are relatively early in the reopening. Joyce jacobson as president at hobart and william smith colleges and an economics professor. It seems like it's been a fairly short time for us to be crying shortage as opposed to that. We're still in be adjustment back to full opening. Vaccines were only recently widely available. Plus there are still millions of unemployed people. Jacobson says there is one area with a true labor shortage at the moment. Summer jobs once filled by teenagers. More recently foreign workers who can't get visas due to the pandemic in washington. I'm kimberly adams for marketplace. Too often. ken as kimberly alluded to read. At the end. There take jobs that might not be attractive to people with mortgages and families in point of fact last month's jobs report did show teenage employment levels that haven't been seen since before the financial crisis and as marketplace's megan mccarthy corinna reports now from the workplace culture signs might be pointing to an even bigger tina job boom this summer for generations. A summer job has been a teenage rite of passage. I spend my summers. I worked at a pizza shop. And i think it's a great way to earn some savings and to gain skills that you're not able to gain in the classroom. Luke pardew is now in economist at payroll platform gusto which works with businesses eager to attract teen workers. He says pay in retail and tourism have jumped and companies have added perks like free food and amusement park passes for new. Employees images are really. Have all of the chips. So far white adolescents have seen the biggest gains in employment this year young workers were among the hardest hit by lockdowns. Teenage employment has been dropping for decades. Says one time camp counselor alicia sasser modestino now on economist at northeastern university with each successive recession. We've seen the labor force participation rate for teens drop and then just not recover. The benefits of low wage work have diminished and teens of shifted to more school related activities. Like some classes sports and internships but rising wages could lure more teens back to traditional summer. Jobs says andrew challenger of staffing firm challenger gray and christmas man former barista. Kids wanna get out of the house. they've been cooped up for a long time and there aren't as many school based activities for them to do. This year is firm. Projects teens will add about two million jobs to the economy this summer. I'm megan mccurdy carino for marketplace life. Guardian lawn mowing for me on wall street today. Traders got back into things nice and easy like we'll have the details when we do. The numbers

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