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At the top of our three on this tuesday. And normally we talk to tony on thursdays but the news that came out yesterday that his uncle sample nita's senior hall of famer had passed away on sunday brings in their required visit at this time to pay tribute and tony For all the listeners. And and for everybody around the game Deepest condolences to you and Mother and just everybody in the whole family and all of all of his friends and all the people around the game who had such respect for him Thank you steve He was in english by hero and racing One of the hardest things i've done was yesterday. I had to tell his older sister. My mom that her brother had passed the night before. And you know he had his health issues and it wasn't totally unexpected but of course when the reality of passing said in and i was informed yesterday morning that he had passed the night before i says i just gotta tell mom and mom late. My mom just said the day before we got to go up there and see them When you you know this summer and go to the place There and spent some time. I really miss my my little brother. And they were close very close growing up and i was. I was so amazed. Fanning just At my mother. Who's ninety six sampras or i saw in that my mother when she retired at the age of ninety four longevity runs in the family when it comes to work and he was at her retirement party at the track when we add a party for my mom two years ago. I'll never forget because he was dealing with dementia alzheimer's and health issues. And i walked up to him then wasn't expecting that. Maybe he would even know me. But we always work connected. Because i was a jockey and i followed in his footsteps as great jockey is a great writer. Wonderful rider hall of fame ryder But he looked at me. And i wasn't expecting much says you're not still right right and i thought like you could have flown me over. I'm thinking man his his head still there. When it comes to our connection. And then me i guess not. Just being my uncle there was a jockey connection and they talk about the brotherhood of jockeys out. You're always jockey wants to jockey doesn't matter what else you do in life. You're always a jockey and you're connected to your brotherhood. And i've got that my said. Nah nah i. I'm just about done. I didn't wanna go into any detail because everybody knows bikes. But i did talk to him for a while he was. You know really Knowledgeable of what doing i'm thinking how he'd find out on it formation and the one thing i did say before. He left that day that day. I said a I say you know what you really had an impact on this family. Not just being a great uncle. The brother and a father and a husband. I says you brought this family racing thoroughbred racing to this family. And thank you so much because it look. We had his son. Road is other son drained. Jockey's dagan My brother worked and the opposite he introduced are family to racing. And i'm thinking that was in one thousand nine hundred forty six or so because he wrote his first race forty eight and it was an old boxing. Promoter that some brought him to the racetrack. And i can't think of the guy's name he told me the guy's name but you might not be a boxer but you built like a jockey and that is what jockey you know last horses. They ride horses and he says well you meet the physical makeup of what a jockey jockey is you know. Maybe he was. He was like built real good. Maybe a little lighter than made maybe a tiny bit taller than me. But bill like jockey in those days and you know in those days you you were doing you had to be like you know Even seventy when. I started riding. Better the bug you had the puck. You better be able to five of you did right and then when he was a jockey starting out you know the same thing you buy those that you on two hundred five. Didn't get the bugs and so he introduced are badly racing and you know he was such a good example for so many young people to follow. And you know i. Even when i wasn't around him i could go to in one any day and say Look and you tell me about this. And he never gave me much advice when i asked him about. You know you know. Oh well you know you throw your cross you take a little know that he never says nothing about right so one thing that he impressed upon me and i never forgot it. You know what you win raises you lose races. You carry the winners and losers is. There's one thing that you'll always carry with you. I don't care if we're ever right in the world in it'll be your reputation you keep your nose clean and keep your reputation Clean and show integrity credibility. Make sure that you keep that reputation queens and and at the time you know kid i thought your audi decay or what to do leg on each side and along the right out short the ride. You just give your reputation clean. That's what you were. Take care of reputation and i never forgot that. And he made sure impressed that upon me but he made such a difference in our family. You know nobody knew anything about racing including them until the fight. Promoter of said you jockey maze. Yeah put them in the game. How many Generations later. Are we still in game well and to talk about know. Talk about his career a little bit because he'd been retired. You tired of making those sixties late mid sixties sixty seventy road. I think his last night he started in forty eighty retired and sixty seven. Any went away work as an official and very shortly after that it was a steward in jersey and he was so well respected from florida to jersey. Anyway you walked into you know and you know. And i i never forget what he when he wasn't in the storage stand and i started right in nineteen seventy and he was a steward. I believe. by seventy in nineteen seventy and You know used to hear riders because he never forgot he was a jockey like of course you know. Riders are always a critical of anybody who has an authority position over down. And i'd have guys you know. Walk up to me. And he's tough sometimes he's just really tough and what they should have said is. Your uncle doesn't by our line of bs and that's what they do this because he never forgot. I like i put it this way. I know you're going to the movie. Realm say what happened. Don't say you know. Don't i told him just like this. don't visit his ear and tell them it's raining outside. You know what i mean. Gully yeah you know. I didn't see that orson there. I reached one too many times. And i probably came over before. And then the jockey. Alden i took out. Maybe maybe you'll give you some leeway in a warning but don't

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