Breaking Down the ‘Romance’ Phase of a Relationship


So the romance stage basically you have these Goggles on that are filters and this filter filters out everything. That is bad about your your partner. See you only see good things about them. They're perfect and vice versa. They see you the same light so during this face. Everything is good right. This is usually at the beginning of dating. When you meet somebody new. You just getting to know them right. And it's exciting your The honeymoon stage the in love phased that they talk about in the five love languages. Yeah which by the way we we did have a podcast episode on that as well so make sure to check that out But yeah. I mean it's it's basically in the beginning of a relationship. All you see is good things about your parter or dating. And after the conversation you're giddy. You have butterflies. Do you remember what that was like when we first started dating. Link those feelings and did you. Did you think we were in that face. 'cause they said that in love phase or that romance phase is usually about a two year period. The first two years. Yeah absolutely the first two years were great. We were just travelling in just getting to know each other. Roofing is new new. I didn't know anything about you You know we spent hours on the phone every single day. Either on the frame chatting right and and just everything is exciting. I met your friends for the first time. Your family for the first time they just everything was exciting.

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