A highlight from Hour 1: Nets dominate Bucks

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Now we'll begin their today the first day of the rest of your life in green bay. The work is mandatory. The quarterback is coming. So what happens. Then we've got the answer and why this slumping superstar might just be the key to the entire. Nfl all that because we get up with you starting right now. Greenie in new york delighted that you were there. Delighted this company as joe chosen to join us this morning as well. You want football insight. We've got the insiders shifting in diana are here teddy and jimmy breaking down. We'll get to all of that in a moment but it begins wins. The statement of the night only smoked nets bucks game to know. James harden no problem because k d and kyrie. We're ready to go. And i've been ready from the jump k. d. working on janas crosses over knocks down the rain. The walking pocket later in the first. That's up ten kyrie irving getting into the act shot fifty two percent from the floor. For the game the seventeen point lead a high percentage shots watch blake griffin. Throws it down right in the face of honest everything going then. That's why they lead by twenty one a minute later. That's up two it's k. d. He was four of six point. Three the netflix threes. Pardon is laughing third quarter time winding down the ran again. Working on yoenis kevin durant. Oh that sniffing. He had thirty two and didn't play in the fourth quarter in that fourth. It's kyrenia this time. He had twenty two only because we didn't need more nets led by as many as forty nine in this game. they take to nothing lead with an absolute laugher. In fact the dominance was historic to thirty nine point margin of victory the largest in franchise history moreover lead of forty nine during the game their largest in any game over the last twenty five season. And here he is j. k. j. z. Espn radio every weekday morning. J what the actual heck. Why was that so easy last night. You can say lack of sense of urgency but greenie. This is a coaching issue for this team. Like i'm going directly there in the opening minutes of the game. You play this team zone. The brooklyn nets are the second best three point shooting team in the nba behind the clippers. They have kevin durant and kyrie irving you cannot give them open looks. They were down forty nine points. Yeah in this game forty nine points so when i look at the collapse that they've had over the last several years you know losing four to one getting beat down by the miami heat last year two years before that you talk about losing toronto raptors. No four hames had to. It's it's embarrassing and for this team. They need to get it together. But we're already talking about coach. Potentially being gone even at brooklyn at one this series if it was tight. It's like he's gonna be out

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