A highlight from AMR Trains #34: Knee Pain and Running


Trains. A podcast about training and racing and endurance. Sports i'm debbie mcdowell co founder of another mother rubber today. We're continuing the body series where we tackle a variety of physical issues and injuries. Common two runners previously you. We've hit on the feet in the lower back and we're going to go today to a pain point for many of us. The knees helping us with that. Is dr rosalyn more. The owner of reconnect physical therapy and wellness. Dr more is a physical therapist in baltimore maryland. Who has over twenty years of experience in athletic training and physical therapy. She specializes in women. Getting over physical speed bumps getting the moving and of course helping out with knee pain. So welcome dr more. How are you doing. Well thank you for having me sir. So tell us about yourself before we get rolling. I did a short clinical bio. But kind of tell us where you give us a little bit of background all right. So we're started. I'd say physical therapy was not probably the first thing i thought it was. Actually physical. Education also went into physical education and athletic training in undergrad and then worked in that field for a little while and then was real buzz of corporate fitness and health and fitness things. I decided i. That's what i want to do next so and a master's in In exercise science. And i was gonna have this amazing. Corporate fitness job Amazing company and then bottom. Kind of dropped out of that time. I graduated but i did end up working for the catalogue corporation in battle creek so that was actually a pretty good job. It just wasn't fully the corporate fitness. That i wanted And than i since. I was already in athletic trainer. I went ahead and just took a position with a high school and did that for a while and then decided to go back to school for physical therapy from there and That's kind of what i've done for the twenty one year is now. super super knowledgeable about the athletic body. It sounds like an in different ways right not just at it from a totally physical therapy standpoint. That's great and reconnect physical therapy. You started that recently Because of during the pandemic start that right so i thought about doing it in two thousand and nineteen kind of formulating. What i wanted to do and just kind of thinking about it you know. Wanna work for myself and not have to You know see the foreign five patients in an hour in not get my line to get people do paperwork and Just not being your own person being able to see who you want to see. And i mean people telling you what to do so i thought about doing it. And then the beginning of january twenty twenty vision board. And i was already and i thought about my name and i knew i wanted to have to do with my name but not really my name. So my name is rosalyn k. More so that are in the k. I was thinking of doing something with and just came upon. That word re kinetic and it just seemed like a great word and So that's where it came from and then Smoke with a lawyer to figure out what i needed to do in like a berry opinion. Two thousand twenty and so receive my llc. Just you know. Put everything together. And i was ready to go by about march twentieth. And yeah they're good timing good at the jobs at ended. And that's all i had for a year. Wow wow well. I found you and i was looking at your instagram account. And knew the reason why i found a found you on a directory that we said you specialize in need plane and helping runners and then your instagram account at that time. It's it's a little bit more diverse now. But you were very focused on showing variations of exercises that i know because i've done gazillions of them to be helpful with the pain right and it was really cool that you are coming at it from you. Tend to treat women who are focused women who are a little bit older right in their forty s fifty s which is a lot of our listeners. Who kind of have some some miles built up on their joints. Right right exactly. Yeah you know. I mean i figure i'm kind of i'm in that realm and I have had knee pain for sure and I just felt like. I really wanted to focus my my practice on women over forty over fifty that maybe wanna be runners. But they haven't exercise so they. I need to get a base sarah and that's so important you know i am so i i really focus on.

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