A highlight from Part 1: Birthday Cake Controversy, KROQ Memories, and the Baghdad Caf (ACS June 8)


Taffer with gina grad on news and bomb. Brian on the sound effects. A now he is also single handedly rescued bars just because of his raging alcoholism adam corolla. Yeah get it on. Got to get it. On a choice begin a mandate to get it ought. Thanks for tuning in town of framingham. Loved that about you. Gina grad to right. Patty stuck talking. Oh yes kid's birthday today. I'm glad brian remember. What are we getting. it's so it's so easy to buy kids off. I mean let's face it. Everyone just wants cash. I just give them a hundred bucks or whatever merch money. Just give it to them. When does that happen because tells it could give a shit. She liked pennies and dimes itself. That shiny you know what i mean like of actual money Preteen you think around twelve. I mean at some point they figure out that the cash is what you trade in to get all the shit. They won and decide. Then you just give it to him and you know i. I think we all remember that you know the sweater. the tough skins are the junky. Didn't one that people would buy you when you were young. I think all some point realize we could get cash. Against the bruno's vincent pat bruno figured that out early with a shiny dime for every year on the planet. So turn and nine. Yeah i realized the little one just lost his first tooth and his mom gave him twenty bucks holding and he has no idea what that is like. Its one paper money. And so he just lost his second through. Those just couldn't doesn't know the difference. Yeah yeah he bucks yeah. Yeah it's money was when i was a kid. There was a big difference between a silver dollar fifty cent p five times collectible item. Although we couldn't collect money you think about it. That's that is a first world problem. Electing literally the collection of side at the one thing. We do do that smart. Is andy. Got a gumbo machine and skittles in it. 'cause kid loves candy and we keep a little change. Jor by it and if he does all of his chores he gets and it doesn't matter what you give them 'cause at work a penny nickel whatever and he gets to get four skittles that come out. So that's the only reason he cares about. Change was an addiction. That's right started early. That was There's another sort of mason dixon line between the friends. There was the maximum patty. You can find this. Old commercial was a gum ball dispenser commercial. Had like mickey mouse. Maybe it had popeye on it. And in the commercial they'd go. Here's a penny further gumbo. Mickey thanks for the gum ball. And i did have a friend who had the ball the i think it was the mickey mouse. Is spencer at his house. That was that was a big deal. Anyone who had something could be a pool table. Could be pinball thing that you that you would find in an arcade. They had it at their house. That's you measured success of a friend. That's right robin the show. My uncle wonka next skews me. I have an uncle. My dad's brother. He's not bills names. Bill and uncle bill and he has cuts us because he is a. I can't live near brought this up. He's a he's a grown man child right. He's like you know the you've you mentioned these people who were arrested in childhood but like they become adults but they want like a lot of things he had. Well i've always kind of talked about the yummy phase. All the stuck on the yeah pinball machines arcade machines to children a married man with kids and you know this is the cool place to go. When you're ten years older over. I was gonna go. Walk does house because he had he had. He was my mean grandmother son so he did a lot of taping of movies onto tames every fucking movie ever you ever wanted to watch. He had the gumbo machines he had candy everywhere comic book about he collected everything and it was just the coolest still whether they move sold the house. That was the house if you remember when the big explosion was in the last house that survived crazy picture. Now what's inside that. How was he in the phase la totally so the famous call. He consumed exclusively on my grandma for to its kokin. Garbage coke and garbage. Yeah yummy phase is really just about beer versus a dakhari beer. Beer versus shasta cole. Or something like cat. Everyone also kind of palate really yes. It's also did know garage rare steak versus like chicken tenders and that that kind that kind of stuff.

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