Interview With Yessica M. Avila Barojas, Poet, Creator


You so much for being here with us today yesica. I like to start off with asking. How are you feeling today. I got used to saying. Okay saying okay for like the whole year because that's a loaded question. But i think over okay. I wonder. I don't know if you wanna go into that a little bit more. But i found that answer quite interesting. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you mean by. Okay yeah. I just feel like especially at work. We use mabrukeh groups in all of this during staff meetings. But we don't go into the deep. Nor would i feel comfortable sharing some of the stuff. Some of my coworkers solid at times. I have to say i'm okay. And then what people that. i am closer with. I can elaborate more on like what it is behind that. Okay but that behind. Okay we'll take more than five minute discussion. So that's why i got used to say the. Yeah and i mean okay in the sense that i am here and i feel very fortunate to be here and there are things todd like outside of my house i like happening but in here. It's safe and it's okay in that alone is it's not great but it's this holding onto the okay. I really like that. I'm like i wrote it. Down us is holding onto the okay. That sounds really cool. So can you tell us just a little bit about you. Sure my name. My full name is yes. Avi lombardo has i was born in awe decided. I could lose. My family. Mine came to this country. When i was three years old. So i've been raced in la for most of my life and then in my mid twenty s. I decided to leave home. once. I got daca. Free So then i moved to san francisco oakland in an portland. And that's where. I met my my partner who is not my wife and now we have a one year pup. So that's that's what happened during the pandemic

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