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To one lap down there down, But Alex Hayden, you can explain why they're not out. They absolutely are not out. You're right. Everybody's lost a lap that's come to pit road already, so only eight cars remain on the lead lap. Once these other eight cars come to pit road as the leaders peel off the track right now to do so. Then everybody will get one of their laps back. The majority of the field goes back on the lead lap. That puts Kyle Busch Austin Dillon to one lap down at the end of the round. They get a free pass, so they'll get back on the lead lap. Don't make a mistake right now. Here comes Chase Elliott and William Byron. Celia brings his car into the attention of the crew. Alan Justice and the crew chief. Alright of promoting tighter criteria that Niko del the tire changes. Tyler Summitt has the jack man all the running around to the left side left side tires off left side tires in just in white with the fuel down and away. Kim Kun All of the Hendrix. Chevrolet's down here have already made their stops. That's William Byron. Alex Bowman. You heard Alex in the pre race. Talk about the pressure of the driver not to see people see how he's there. Also in Kyle Larson complaining that mandatory greens like four tire stop Cliff Daniels look fruity. Came off the pig box to make sure to keep a good eye on the crew from pit wall as they made that stuff here now Ross Chastain doing his stop the crew already to the left side on that McDonald's Chevrolet. It's going to be fuel. Four tires. Slight air pressure adjustment for Russia, saying he is down and away now Joey Logano and Eric Alma roller will come off the racetrack. They are two of the remaining three drivers that need to make a stop. Mandatory on or before lap number. 20 the only other one out there that has not stopped as Brad Keselowski. He'll take over the race lead Logano and Al Merola and Kim Logano finishing up his service.

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