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Campell. Anna wakey is a production of iheartradio. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the author and participants and do not necessarily represent those of iheartmedia media or its employees due to discussion of traumatic sexual and violent content listener discretion is advised after hearing all the stories about caravel. And how in a wakey had a hotel and marina built by the students. I decided i had to see this for myself. I booked myself a room at the moorings of care about the hotel built by anna wakey which is still in operation and headed down to cable adjust got into care bell after a quite hairy drive down a two lane. Florida highway in pouring rain at check-in and i'm at the moorings at caravelle hotel and marina. This is the same hotel and the same marina that those boys built. So i'm going to go out and speak with some locals and see what i can't find out about the town of caravel. My first stop was to visit the caravelle history museum. A small local shrine to the fishing town of caravel. I figured surely they had to know about history in the area. We really have taken on the notion of gateway to the gulf to go fishing. That that fishing charters and eco-tourism have gotten really big here. This is tamer allen. He she runs the history of carabello museum for a small town with no red light. It has an awful lot of history dating back to the native seminal tribe and civil war era battles. I asked hammer what she knew about anna wakey. To my surprise it was very little that is panama city. We've been coming here since the eighties. We were staying at the moorings at was our place to stay and we were told we were the first official people to stay in the motel of the moorings back in the late eighties. And i just heard it was Like a rehab place for delinquent kids and so at the time i heard about the fact. They've been part of of anna wakey. But i didn't know what that meant. Because i'd say to people what happened and they wouldn't tell me it's a big rabbit hole. What tamer did know. Was that the boys at the wakey south campus where part of the community going to local schools and even churches. These children were students at the civility. But they all went to high school with other kids so they made friends here with other kids. I do know that the kids went to either the baptist. The methodist church people knew him in the community and occasionally they would go. A group of them would go to a towns person and say we have to leave that place gemini where we could stay or they would try to run away. They wanted to stay in school. They wanted to just have a normal life here but they didn't want to be in the program and some of the kids ended up living here marrying local girls. Since i had initially contacted tamra. She had reached out to some people she knew in the area who may have more insight into what went on it in a wiki. Several people said bed allotted the staff that worked there were evil types of people that they abused the children and particularly did things like just to the perfectly healthy child and deliberately broke their arm or their leg. If they were missed behaving. I tried to see if tamra maybe able to connect me with someone who may have had a closer connection to the school. I could speak with. I started talking to people that i thought might have a historical perspective and then they were reluctant to talk about it. Which peaked my interest. I must say. And then. I actually had somebody say to me. I don't wanna to that guy. Because i might end up dead. They wouldn't even tell me what they were talking about. And i i said. Help me understand that comment. I don't know what that means. He said well a lot of people. Talk to folks. They ended up dead. They know that better had very high connections way up in government in florida and georgia nobody. I've found that works. There wants to talk to you because they are afraid. End up get over the past several weeks we have received number very serious allegations concerning both the facility out there in a number of individuals involved with him. It was just a form of this thing. They were told to do it and at the time he was fourteen. The half fifteen years old. They didn't know any better. I asked you. Why are you letting this happen. Why are you covering up for louis becker. He had no answers question ball having an paid in hong little

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