President Biden, Prime Minister Boris Johnson And British Trump Trump discussed on WEZS Programming


His infrastructure plan hammered out by a bipartisan group of 10 senators, which calls for nearly a trillion dollars in new spending over the next five years. But no new taxes. The White House says they'll be looking at it. President Biden meeting with Britain's prime minister Thursday ahead of the G seven summit, President Biden met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed to work towards easing travel restrictions between the US and the UK. They also signed an updated version of the 1941 Atlantic Charter, emphasizing the need to stop global warming and cyber hacking. But despite all of the smiles, the two have not always seen eye to eye. President Biden has called Boris the British Trump Trump's clone. He dislikes his relationship with the former president and has criticized his stances on Brexit in Northern Ireland Flexes Benjamin Hall. The president also formally announcing the U. S. Plans to donate a half billion coronavirus vaccine doses to poor countries. Oregon Republican State lawmaker Mike Niermann has been expelled from the Legislature in a nearly unanimous vote. Had been seen on video letting protesters into the Capitol building when it was on pandemic lockdown. America is listening to Fox News. Jason in the house that Jason Chaffetz podcast. There is always someone doing something stupid somewhere dive deeper than the

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