A highlight from 413: James Nestor - Breathe This Way to Transform Your Body and Mind


I talked to one researcher who has seen more human skulls than maybe anyone on the planet. She's at university of penn. She had said she'd never seen a hunter gatherer with crooked teeth not one of them from five hundred years ago to five thousand years ago fifty thousand years ago not one of them so obviously we did this to ourselves. The next question is how do we get it back so. Breastfeeding is huge eating real food. When you're a kid and not eating. Soft mush which is what exactly what i ate growing up. That's very important improper oral posture. And what i mean by that. Is you need to breathe through your nose tab your mouth close in your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Hello and welcome. T ultimate podcast episode. Four hundred thirteen. I'm jesse chapas. And i'm here to take your health to the next level each week. Doubling you end up conversations with health and wellness leaders from around the this week. I'm chatting with james nestor. He's written for outside scientific american the atlantic dwell the new york times and many other publications his latest book breath. The new science of a lost art was an instant new york. Times bestseller. james says appeared on dozens of national television shows including abc's nightline in cbs morning news

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