A highlight from Jemele Hill Calls Senator Joe Manchin 'Power Hungry White Dude'; American Flags 'Disturbing' to New York Times' Mara Gay; 'Trump Won' Flag at Fenway Park; Happy Birthday Robert Kraft... Here's a Bentley


Live now. We live in i roll. They're up to no good shattuck. He's got a few days left. Just look at look at you on the screen here. He's got that look in his eye like he is up to no good. He's going to set us up. You know why because his new boss loves that stuff and he's going to say oh. Did you do eight. Oh d did you make fools of shattuck and callahan when you did whatever courting. We're having a personal conversation disgusting. It is a common kelaniya started to spray tan. Just to be like portnoy no. I'm in a good mood today. Shattuck knows this shattuck and talk about dumb little media and tech stuff behind the scenes. All time i might be trading my replacement right now. He's on camera. But i'm having a great conversation. A possible future producer mood. What do you want from me. Can you believe the shattuck gave conan the responsibility of interviewing the finalists Because i obviously don't know the technical side like he does or you do. And i said i need to know these guys are capable of doing what you do so shat conan and he's doing a good job he's actually into it. I thought you'd blow it off but he's actually talking to the last the final couple of guys who are like to see if they could handle the job. It's hard to believe that someone Could be so dumb that they can't do it colony it. Believe it or not there are a couple out there. I told the story that. I don't have to worry about this person. Hearing this because after twenty minute interview. He said he had a question for me. And i said churn said how do you find your podcast. It's great oh god those twenty minutes back apple podcast director. If you look at the top of the charts. It's the one right underneath the burn. Barrel all right. I regina burn barrel in joe rogan and there. I am even if you didn't know. Wouldn't you say a google find out last someone you're asking me and by the way half my questions about do you have the technical ability to do this. And he making the case and maybe he does but he just doesn't care. It's like i tell the story actually have a friend who has an phd from mit in biochemistry Or biophysics thing. But he's brilliant and he's an invasion invents things he has patents. I used to play basketball with them. A good friend and he he's He asked me to go have coffee with him because he wanted to talk about something. And i said sure i'm went up for coffee. Were sitting at this place out this picnic table and he brings out this paper. It's like a forty fifty page paper that he did on how to cure corona virus. He literally came up with a whole. And i don't even understand was this was last summer. And he said i gotta get the word out. I think this is it the key and it was about who was about copper. That's only understood like the element of copper. If you get it in your bloodstream that prevents the whole thing. And i kept it a habit and i show people occasionally if and i was hoping someone would cure corona virus or develop a vaccine with copper. And i'd say my guy had that first but anyway last thing we're talking about to say goodbye. And he says man. I really miss you on the radio. They used to listen all the time. I said i'm on every day. I do a podcast and he looks at me. Because i don't know how to do those things. Yup i thought the smartest person i knew i. It's really easy to say you take your phone. You go a little boom boom. you're done. it's too confusing. Since i can't tell you the amount of people that we have to like i give them a link. Show him on the phone and they still can't access a couple of period night. I just took their phones. I see this little purple thing. Your iphone boom. Boom they went. Wow it's easier than listening to the radio easier than am. That's why it's the new way. That's why that's why people younger people. That's why i think. A growing number of people are not listening to the radio at all. Because podcasts is so much easier to do on your time. You know what you've done this one you go to the burn barrel. Once you're done with the burn barrel you some barstool. What are you. Go to spend checklists. Now you're the show. I mean come on. What are you doing real. Yeah but he doesn't do it every day. You know some of us. i don't either but I assume and it's also seasonal. The way radio used to be like you know with with culinary. He'll listen to spit. And what's because it's hockey time. If you're in the gulf gulf podcasts there certainly football million football podcast. And if there's it's election season or it's you know Social unrest civil unrest season cast. You can listen to if you want. To hear the mainstream media mocked relentlessly. You come here because we do that today. God we have. we have two examples of just. I don't even know how to describe single dumbest people in the most powerful influential people in positions in the media. And it will blow you away out idiot a moron. The these people are even though they're winning even though they got their guy in white house even though they they control the media. They control big tech. They're not happy. They're not happy because Let me see. I want to quote quickly before. I don't want to get to a gave from the new york times. I'll give you a tease. She said we're having trouble in america separating america from whiteness and she goes on and on and on and you will not believe it. You just You shared this with me shaddock. I just listened to it. It is the single dumbest analysis the single dumbest soundbite i have ever heard and we also have the single dumbest tweet from djamil hill. Which is saying something you know. That's like having to be in the the greatest clutch performance. From larry bird. You know you know the greatest shot tiger woods. The dumbest tweet from jamal hill. It's time to call off the competition. No one i mean. No one is in her league. Even if you come cullen who can't write a simple sentence we're gonna go djamil who let's let's go to jim l. hill. Let's start with jemele hill. This is about joe mansion and nobody's surprised. Joe mansion is not going to get rid of the filibuster. Joe mansion is a democrat who votes almost exclusively with the democrats but this is so radical this over hauling the whole election system nationalising it allowing more fraud allowing more cheating Outlying i d don't you can't fry if you won it is the single most radical thing i've ever seen. That's being considered by the us senate. It's really outrageous in mansion to his credits. As you know. that's not i with you. Most of the time biden pelosi schumer. But not on this. It is insane this. Hr one so he says no not getting rid of that.

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