A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/8/21--Guest Dr. Patty Hogan


And it's jason remorse tracy podcasts. We only talk about horse race. We don't talk basketball football hockey or baseball. Otherwise would be the jason beam basketball football hockey baseball horse racing podcast. No just the hrp. Happy talk horse race and a lot of stuff to talk about. Today i felt like it was a uniquely busy monday of news. So we'll talk about some of that very excited for our guest. Today dr paddy hogan is gonna join us renowned equine surgeon based over in the beautiful garden state of new jersey. We'll talk with dr hogan about You know her time in working in veterinary medicine. Including with racehorses talk about her work with smarty jones who the smarty jones anniversary the other day which i suppose every belmont anniversary probably within about a six or seven day period. Isn't it given the way the time. And repetition works with the exception of course of his law. And we'll call it. We'll just call twenty twenty. What twenty. Twenty the weird belmont. That was the weird belmont but looking forward to talking to To dr hogan and we'll do that here in a little bit. I think we've got a good slater guests. This week's dr hogan gonna join us. Today dan get from hastings gonna join us tomorrow. Et al ford recent winner of the lone star betting challenge to join us for horse player. Thursday and the jury opie here on friday. So that's what we got. That's what we got coming up. You know it was funny. When i tweeted about smarty jones because it was the same day as the belmont stakes was june fifth. And i remember. I was working at emerald downs. I remember it was the day president. Reagan passed away. Because i think that was kind of the news story in the morning. And then it became smarty time and it's so funny because we know we've had we obviously had had live triple crown chances many times before smarty jones and as recent as the year before with funny cide but almost everybody seemed to think that like smarty was the one like it was just a given that he was the one that was going to do it and he ran a great race and he just got run down by bird stone. Who was it upset threat. One of the best race calls ever too far and away. I've heard people say that. Like durkin was disrespectful to bird stone at the end there because he was kind of bird. Stone wins the belmont stakes. Like yeah you know but to me he was capturing that was the story. yes. I mean bridgestone. Winning is part of the story the race but like it or not. The story was smarty jones not winning the triple crown. I've heard people say that. With zen yada and blame zan. Yada yada yada

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