John Dewey's Persepctive of American Education and Stalin's Education


He came back to the United States and he wrote Uh, in a fairly popular left wing, progressive, so called magazine. Called the New Republic. Then he wrote in the New Republic. How impressive Russia's educational system was how it was unifying the country. How the instruction was the same from one classroom to the other. How the instruction had a purpose, not just to learn language and science and mathematics and so forth. But the support the commune that is the state that was being developed. Of course by Stalin. And he was the man who had the greatest influence in American education to this day. To this day, and journalists like Jay Rosen, who is a professor out of New York and teaches journalism and others. Point to John Dewey is the great hero. John Dewey, who destroyed American Education opened the door wide to what's taking place. Today. He is the founding father of what's taking place today. As people will learn again when they read the book, and so again, your experience in the Soviet Union is very, very important. People need to understand. That we need to listen to people like Tatiana. They lived under the iron fist on the other side of the Iron Curtain. And they see similarities and the reason they see similarities is because there are similarities. And the fact that the American media has let down the American people. For more than a decade, and especially now. Is the sort of thing that always happens because when push comes to shove The media. The American media is weak. Predictable. Ideological Thank you for your call, my friend. Excellent. I'll be right back.

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