A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/15/21--Guest Ernie Perri


Ernie para gonna join us. He's the oddsmaker clunker at woodbine. We'll talk a little bit about the opening weekend at woodbine busy opening weekend. I think they're twenty. Four races between the two days was thirteen eleven. Was that the the breakdown of the couple of race days. big fields. Obviously there in full swing. I mean everybody was kinda ready to go. And we'll talk with ernie about that in the sense that i would think making the odds early in that meet that you would geared towards horses with some recency horses that have been running because i think a lot of betters geared towards that. That's always one of the things you heard mentioned. And you know kind of curious if he had to adjust maybe where he would have put some horses because of the late date of return. But we'll talk about that and clocking and all sorts of stuff with ernie coming up on. Today's show i think doing the morning line would actually be very fun. It would be demanding. But i think it would be fun in the sense that you know. It's it's a challenge right. It's a math challenge every day. And you get to try to you know. There's a little bit of psychology in there and a little bit of sociology. And they're trying to determine what the masses are going to do at the betting windows. And i would think that would be fun. I would only do it though. I've i've i did it for two days portland meadows in and did pretty good but i would only do it if it was like anonymous because i see so many of these morning line guys you know because it's one of the things like you're going to miss you're going to screw up. I mean it's the same with jockeys. It's the same with race callers. It's the same with anything really. You're going to make mistakes. It's just when you're the morning line person and you make a mistake like everybody's gonna talk about it and give crap for it and like i don't wanna be you know getting crap for it online because i made a which is going to happen but i guess that's That comes with that territory. Whatever have you ever do the morning line. Like one of my favorite ongoing gags and racing is the great matt hook. Who's the voice of this'll down in mahoning valley when he was. This'll the first time around back in. Oh six oh seven or eight. And i think he still does it. I haven't watched a little while. Be honest but he used to always they play the called post and he would say antonio cassette. He's call the post. And so when i went to fizzle down for the first time i was sitting in the booth with matt and i i saw. I heard the trumpet call. But i look around. I didn't see any trumpeter. So i said what's antonio cassette he's like. Oh it's a cassette tape. And i go what he goes. Yeah i just named the cassette tape cassette eighty and gave him first name antonio and so every time. I hear it tonio cassette. That just means the cassettes. Playing the i actually. I'm the trumpeter at grants pass downs. I use my iphone. I just have the call to post from the kentucky symphony. I think is who the artist is listed as. And i just hold the phone up to my mouthpiece and a microphone and then let and let her play. I always worry about like what if somebody calls during that. Because i had on silent so because a couple of times what's happened is it's on my playlist so if i'm driving across country drive down the street if i got my shuffle on every so often the call the postal start playing. Because it's in my shuffle. So is the national anthem for that matter and it always makes me laugh because it's just like you know it makes me think of having to do that but you know i. I always wondered what happens is like what he calls. The mid know starts ringing while while it's going off 'cause i have done it where you know. After every time i played i just hit back track isolated. So it's a repeat. You know. But i have done it where i've actually skip-back two tracks and i think it's i think jimmy ruffin what becomes of the brokenhearted is the song. That's like next to it in my playlist. So there's been a couple of times in the last year where folks have got little jimmy rougher which there is never a bad time for some jimmy ruffin. Let's be honest with that but Anyways so yeah looking. Forward to talking to ernie. Today's show coming up tomorrow. Dr milan gonna join us and on thursday for horseplay thursday. Your current be cbc champ. Marsha grams gonna join us from up zero toco probably talk a little saratoga with marshall and you know obviously the spa for a lot of serious horse. Players is a big time point to meet right. Lotta people track their performances. There may be a little bit more. A lot of people advocate a few more dollars to saratoga. It's it's a very cultural thing for horse players. Saratoga is i mean you know it's it's a it's an important part of the calendar i think for not only the horsemen and naira and all that but i think for a lot of horse players to and so. We'll talk about his preparation for that and more so looking forward to that. Nobody's in the jury will be back on friday to look ahead to some of the weekend action. You know again last week was i. I said last week was kind of a quiet week from a big stakes performance. And it kinda was. I guess but there were still plenty going on. Get some new york bred stakes coming up this weekend the iraq selena stakes at churchill part of the weekend mix Monmouth continues on with get serious. I did forget to talk about the salvator mile on yesterday's weekend recap show we got talking about manned lunar and his performance in the pegasus we i should say we. You guys didn't neglect to talk about it. I did so. Let's let's talk about a huge win as informative at seventy nine to one. I think it was Comes from off the pace to score what it was the seventy nine to one seventy nine one hundred sixty one

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