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Well i didn't see that coming. Which is more than jeffrey toobin. Former colleagues at the new yorker can say tuban is the author and reporter who lost his job after twenty seven years as a staff writer at the new yorker and was suspended from his side hustle as the talking head on cnn after he pulled out his dick during zoom meeting with his colleagues from the new yorker. Shortly before the twenty twenty election and had awake. But i didn't see coming was to return last week to cnn. In the most supremely awkward nine minutes of television since donald trump had to make his way down that ramp antifa and black lives matter smeared with grease on george soros as orders alison cammarata spent nine minutes. Nine minutes going over. What toobin did the decisions. He made that day and basically allowed toobin to plead inanity. Toobin made an inane argument. I'm not gonna play the nearly nine minute clip. It's not hard to find if you wanna go watch toobin. Says he wasn't thinking he didn't know what he was doing. He didn't know the camera was on but what he does now and what he does think is that he shouldn't have been fired for what he didn't know he was doing. And he went and worked in a food bank of the last seven months. And he got a new book coming. You know as problematic and unsettling bins returned to cnn. Was i believe him. I don't think it was intentional. I mean the wang was of course it was. Your dick doesn't fall into your hands during a work meeting but exposing himself to his colleagues like that. I don't think he intended to do that. But intent is hard to discern. And we don't wanna live in a world we certainly don't want to attend zoom meetings in a world where guys can get away with jacking off in front of their co workers as long as they create a little plausible deniability for themselves or reasonable doubt about their intent. Just saying i didn't know the camera was on. Can't get out of jail free card or an escape consequences for your actions free card but toobin didn't escape consequences. Tuban lost his job and he will forever have to live with the infamy which is to say i'm in partial agreement with its former new yorker editor tina brown. She didn't think the new yorker should've fired tuban. He embarrassed the magazine brown but mostly embarrassed himself. I think that's true. He did mostly embarrassed himself but he should have been fired for what essentially boiled down to sexually harassing his colleagues and he was fired. That said i don't think he has to go away forever. Some folks are saying to is only getting a second chance because he's white male straight and sys gender just as i don't wanna live in a world where men male straight white cisgender or otherwise can get away with jacking off in front of their co workers. I don't wanna live in a world where people don't get second chances. So maybe instead of arguing that toobin get a second chance. Because others non-state non white non-sis gender didn't get theirs or wouldn't get. There's maybe we should insist that everyone get a second chance like tuban and hold up as proof that everyone should get a second chance.

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