A highlight from Postgame Show: It Is High Time


I've had enough of coordinated polos coordinated track jackets with slacks. Everyone's wearing the same stuff. It is time their fans back in arenas the utah jazz is arenas completely full. The milwaukee bucks arena completely full with the nba is back to being the nba again. You know when it's back to being the nba when every coach puts on a suit and a tie and dress shoes and gets out and there's no one else clamoring america so we moved away from the kids in the bubble. I guess it didn't count. We can put polos on on the bubble and when there's less crowds so when when is it going to be okay for suits to return. When is it. Is it like when when when the bench returns to. Its normal size like every nba coach. Were sue for as long as i can remember the lead said we need to get back to it. The bubble the bubble period is over right. The nba does not look like the nba until eric's posters pasted on the sidelines in nicely tailored suit. I'm with you like. I'm watching you work and i wanna feel like you're working already have a cushy great job making millions of dollars do me a favor put a suit on. I am with you. I like that. yes i think. Nba coaches job of rocket. They rocket suit like spoelstra crushes in the suit. Quin snyder looks way better suit than he does. And whatever it is. He's wearing strange thing to advocate for. Let's matter with you guy. I mean ath- leisure is the greatest invention of the twenty first century. Why can't we just be happy that we have that now and everyone can wear it. Well then next thing you know you'll be asking for baseball managers to no longer be wear uniforms. We have most of them. Don't full you know they wear like windbreakers. And we live in a society jessica without rules. We have nothing and for the longest time. There is a dress code in the nba. Every coach put on a suit. That'll at steph van. Gundy wanted to break by putting a t-shirt underneath that jacket. You know what stan coat and tie. Let's go everyone coat and tie ins time and fashion to return to the sidelines of the national basketball association. Okay first of all. I never want anyone to compare my age. Witty's ever again. He is clearly an eighty five year old man despite us being only two years apart and second of all witty. I'm gonna use your three piece suit during freedom as an example of why. I don't think coaches should wear suits because if you wear it every day. And you normalize the suit wearing then it doesn't. It's not special anymore and you wearing that suit in after wearing t shirts. And you know your your little like inter miami jerseys and everything like that's what makes it a special suit and we can't just do that every day because then nothing special anymore out soon after you guys get home this might be the realm of the fat guy. This might be why it is that. I'm staring at chris. Cody right now to see recognition. Because i don't know what i'm saying is gonna be vulnerable or whether it's going to be accepted by the group if you've been wearing a suit all day how soon after you get home. Is that suit. All in the car pro instantly soon as i can take it off now. Is this true for thin people as well because the three that are spoken up here sloppy admittedly make chris and stu gods straight at me here the rest of you. Do you feel the same way. Or is this the domain of of. I don't like i've just surprised that. Wittingham is is advocating for others to do something that we ourselves would not want to do. You would not want to dress code review and implement a suit dress code. I'm in. I'm here for wearing a suit every day

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