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Life in The Word


Missile mood co thank. You already own and you to family we really. We cannot make any apologetic politics because it just happened to stop by conference line and so we'll just now able to connect with you on our youtube channel. So we thank god for his prevalent At his ss presence. Continue a with us on the on the worship experience on today we just thank god. We thank god for praise and worship leader and our deacon in training rather wayne our prayer warrior and intercessor profits flow. Amen and we thank for each and every one of you that are on the conference line as well as those that are on The u2 line as well. God bless you on today and so there is a word and we're not going to be long winded today So if you would grab your your your bible and go with me to mark levin and twenty three mark eleven and twenty three if you look at go there with me please. March eleven and twenty three. We'll just going to talk to you for a few minutes. Mark levin twenty three. Let me just open in the word of praia father in the name of jesus we thank you and we praise you and we glorify your name on this afternoon. We thank you god for your presence. Oh god we thank you for your glory. We thank you god for manifesting yourself lord in our worship and lord as we continue this in this worship experience we pray oh god that the word will meet all of us look odd in that place that is needed father we pray that holy spirit will continue to move by his power pot and by his mind that he is continuing to take full control of this worship experienced this meeting. Oh god that we have with you touch every heart. Every soul we pray that it will be accepted open annexed. It's accepted to what you have to say on today. Now father hide me in you. Hide me in you and let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight. You are my lord and my redeemer. I totally totally surrender and submit my wheel my way my thoughts my presumption. I submit them to you on this afternoon. We thank you lord and we ask her name and thanks god wherever you are just say amen amen in a man wearing coming again from mark levin and twenty three again. I'm just wanna talk to you for a few minutes. The very very familiar Piece of scripture or scripture we quoted a lot we read it a lot and it reads as follows. And i'm reading from the king. James version is this barely. I say unto you that who so ever will stay into this mountain. Be thou removed b. Outcast cast into the sea and shung doubt in his heart but show believe that those things which he says show come to pass he show have whatsoever he or she says amen and we have just read from mark eleven and twenty three and the word of the lord is already blessed a man and so we're going today the lord gave us speak over it speak over it. A man who subject entitled for today is speak over it. And so i want to begin. I always have the permission. Or take the permission to use profits flow whenever i want a man as an illustration because i know she doesn't mind praise god then so a few days ago perhaps a few weeks ago. profits flow came in and she always talked to me about her day out after her day wasn't chill share. What her day was like. And over the few months She has not been exceptionally happy about what's been going on her job. And so this particular day. She came in and she was expressing. How she you know was just sick and tired of the medicine that if it had been going on on her particular floor and you know. She was fed up at the month of dealing with people who are happy doing their job. Not pulling their weight. watching people apply for overtime. And then not there to fulfil and then the work low falls on the other technicians because that individual or those individuals are not in their place and so she was fed up

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