A highlight from Hour 1: Was It The Right Decision?


Glad to have you along with us today because so much popped off over the weekend and so much coming up in the week. That i'm glad i have the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with you guys today to talk about it because quite honestly a nine minute. Sports in our last night wasn't enough time to get into everything that i saw over the weekend and enough time to ask a lot of the questions i want about this upcoming week we've got kendrick perkins join us a little bit later to talk about the nba play-off situation based on what we saw yesterday. What's popping off tonight with two game fours so much at stake there. Ryan clark is going to join us. Get into some. Nfl stuff also what happened at ufc to sixty three saturday. Night out in the phoenix area. Something i didn't know. I would see that i equally hated seeing but also kinda like respect on a mad level. We'll get into our get into our see about that. Also more stuff with the nfl. Louis riddick is gonna join us as well over the next couple of hours. Why are there so many teams. Nfl right now. That don't know necessarily what's happening with their quarterback situation. And how did it get to that point. We'll talk about that. With louis riddick and also a girl l. dunk and she's going to swing by a little bit later here on the mexican woman show. Espn radio and espn plus in atlanta. It has its own culture right. Let's most places do. Atlanta has a very specific culture as it relates to sports right. And we've seen a reemergence of that enthusiasm from its fan base based on what trae young has been doing with the hawks but the question is is it real or is it just right now because we know one thing about atlanta sports fans they could be some time he is this legit what they have right now with. The hawks going forward with trae young and how much of that has to do with trae young himself.

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